About Me

I'm Sarah

of Sarah Elaine Design

My name is Sarah Barnes, and I am a graphic designer. As I like to say, I didn’t find graphic design, graphic design found me. Growing up I was never really the ‘artsy’ kid, but I was always involved in the arts in some way – normally, behind the scenes making sure everything went off without a hitch. Somewhere along the way I found graphic design, and it fit my type A, detail-oriented personality and provided the perfect creative outlet. It was a match made in heaven, and I never looked back.

I got my Associate’s Degree in Small Business Management. I learned marketing and strategizing before design, and knowing the ins and outs of business contributed to the efficacy of my designs.

During my time at The University of South Alabama, I had the honor of
being the president of the student chapter of the AIGA. As President, I connected with underclassmen, professionals in the field, and planned many successful events. 

I also entered my personal branding project into the local ADDY awards and was honored with the Gold in Sales & Marketing – Sales Promotion, and the Student Best in Show during my last semester of college.

I graduated with my BFA in graphic design in May of 2020. With the pandemic wreaking havoc on the job market, I decided to keep my day job as the Assistant Manager of a textbook store, and spend my nights freelancing. During this time, I managed to snag a job as a freelance designer at Moxee Design. While freelancing, I learned how to design using Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, and having seen the benefits of using these tools, I plan to incorporate them in my future work. 

Branding has always been my favorite part of design. I find fulfillment in helping people bring their dreams to life by improving their marketing strategies, establishing a focused brand, and working alongside them as they expand their outreach. When my clients succeed I know I have done my job. 

I’m passionate about continuing to learn new things, and I strive to find new resources and strategies to better serve my clients. Since graduating, I’ve found podcasts, Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning videos, and plenty of books and blogs to expand my knowledge. I’ll be creating a book reviews page, so check back on that soon!